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Based on 8 algo trading strategies developed with the Strategy Factory approach and 4 indicator based algo strategies, the current position bias for Gold is BEARISH. (full story)

Based on 9 algo trading strategies developed with the Strategy Factory approach and 4 indicator based algo strategies, the current position bias for Crude Oil is NEUTRAL. (full story)

Although 2019 brought widespread and severe drought stress to many areas in NC during June and July, this year turned out to be a decent year for cotton in most […] (full story)

By Jennifer Brown, NutriQuest This market update is a PorkBusiness.com weekly column reporting trends in weaner pigs. All information contained in this update is for the week ended Dec. 6. . Looking at hog sales in June 2020 using June 2020... (full story)

Thanksgiving can be one of those lines in the sand for the grain markets. History shows markets commonly made a trend change around the fall holiday. January soybeans jumped nearly 13¢, for the week ending Dec. 6. Meanwhile, March corn dropped 5¢... (full story)

Bean Oil May Have a Story (full story)

The schedule for the 2020 Auxin Herbicides-Best Management Practices training has been finalized. This training, presented by NC State University Weed Specialists and organized in cooperation with N.C. Department of […] (full story)

Farmers are waiting for a multitude of trade deals. They want to see if a deal will be reached between the U.S. and China. They also want to know if a tri-lateral deal between the U.S., Mexico and Canada will be reached as well. ... (full story)

As discussed previously, the Market Facilitation Program (MFP) created by the Trump Administration in response to the tariff conflict it initiated is arguably an unprecedented effort and may signal a […] (full story)

The annual Middle Tennessee Grain Conference is set for Tuesday, February 4, at a new venue: the University of Tennessee Space Institute, located at 411 B.H. Goethert Pkwy in Tullahoma, […] (full story)

Selecting well-adapted hybrids that will perform well is critical to the success and profitability of your farm. Accordingly, Mississippi State goes to great lengths to evaluate, assess and analyze corn […] (full story)

Spot quotations averaged 79 points lower than the previous week, according to the USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service’s Cotton and Tobacco Program. Quotations for the base quality of cotton (color 41, […] (full story)

Do not be short (full story)

Once your 2019 grain is in the bin, it will likely need extra care, attention and management. “There will be issues when poor quality grain is put into storage for a longer period than normal,” says Tom Dahl, president of the American Association... (full story)

Our weekly column looks at the drastic change in oil trade, as well as the ongoing conflict with China. (full story)

As dairy producers try to revive their balance sheets after consecutive years of struggling milk prices, better milk prices are helping improve outlooks today. But the industry is still fighting to bring more people... (full story)

The 2019 harvest story is far from over. Normally, harvest would be close to wrapping up, instead, snow covered corn fields are a common sight in states like North Dakota, Michigan and Wisconsin. More bad news could hit next week as more snow... (full story)

The healthy rebound in U.S. milk prices has not yet reached the replacement market. All four reported markets nationwide saw declines in #1 Holstein springer values over the past month, from less than $100/head lower in California, to up to $600/head... (full story)

Grains choppy as markets digest trade talks - livestock mixed (full story)

For the past two years, wheat acres have dipped to a 100-year low. For 2020, acres could challenge the 110-year low. The reason for the decline is easy to spot.  “Prices are poor, and profit is non-existent for some farmers,” says Kim Anderson,... (full story)

Farmers in two Latin American countries – Brazil and Mexico – are facing a degree of uncertainty about what crop protection materials will be available now or in the future. […] (full story)

...measures uncertainty, fear, greed and the future expectations related to a secure global market economy. (full story)

Don’t you just love pork and beans?  I know I do.  Granted, that may not be the choice for those who are concerned about how much methane we are sending into the atmosphere, but it is a favored dish for many and obviously is for the Chinese.  They... (full story)

By Laura Greiner, Iowa State University Feed cost is associated with 65% to 70% of the cost of marketing a hog with approximately 60% to 70% of a pig’s intake occurring after the pig reaches 150 pounds. There are many opportunities to improve... (full story)

We expected Gold to rally above $1750 before the end of this year... (full story)

Looking to sell (full story)

From Bob Beede’s December Pistachio Task List: Takeaway #1: Gather Chill Data Purchase and install a simple temperature recorder in each orchard to collect real-time weather data on chill accumulation […] (full story)

Bulls and bears on level overall near-term technical playing field as price downtrend at least temporarily neagted. (full story)

On Dec. 5, the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) and the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) filed a legal challenge to California's Proposition 12, which imposes animal housing standards that reach outside of California's borders to farms... (full story)

Essentially all the Texas wheat crop is in the ground. This includes wheat for grazing or grain (or both). Abnormally dry and moderate drought conditions exist across much of central […] (full story)

Avoid going to sleep. (full story)

I think that SP 500 can retest the highs, but that doesnt mean that correction is over based on Elliott Wave Analysis. (full story)

Stay Long (full story)

Simply do not go to sleep! (full story)

OPEC+ press conference imminent. Oil markets un-enthused. US expected to show +180k jobs created in November, +10k for Canada. Germany reports dismal Industrial Output numbers for October, but traders ignore. Jeremy Corbyn reveals secret document showing Boris Johnson misled voters on... (full story)

Improve your grain marketing! Visit  https://www.standardgrain.com/grain-marketing-plan/   (full story)

      Click this link to Watch our weekly "2 Minute Drill"! - Corn (March) Fundamentals : March corn futures softened up... (full story)

Whether you’re raising human babies, puppies or calves, a wide body of research has shown that the habits and behaviors they develop early in life may potentially carry through to adulthood. For dairy calves, the... (full story)

Feel free to contact Oliver with any questions or comments Call or text: 312-837-3938 Email: Oliver@BlueLineFutures.com Futures trading involves substantial risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors. Trading advice is... (full story)

Nifty Long-term Elliott Wave View: Super Cycle wave (III) In Progress (full story)

Ten Year Notes ($ZN_F) low on 10.08.2018 Will Decide The Extension In $SPY (full story)

(Bloomberg) -- Soybeans are snapping out of a slump as officials signal optimism that the U.S. and China will reach a trade deal. Futures are up 1.4% this week in Chicago, heading for the first such gain in more than a month. Prices had been... (full story)

Byline: Tony Dreibus 1. Soybeans Rise as China Offers Tariff Exemptions on Some Ag Products Soybeans and grains were higher in overnight trading after China said it plans to exempt some agricultural products from... (full story)

Will we see a trade deal this month? Here's what our team will be watching for. (full story)

Traders Look to USDA as Week Ends (full story)

Raw Sugar (SB) edged up forming a daily Doji yesterday, and appears to be struggling to maintain its 7th straight green weekly candle. Significantly, any further consolidation next week will be healthy and likely to occur around the 50% Fib retrace of the March to September fall, coinciding... (full story)

Elliott wave analysis on S&P500. (full story)

Calendars.com  or  Amazon   To order by phone call:  1-800-366-3645 . Rubes 2020 Wall Calendars  are now available direct from the  publisher  or from Amazon!. Choose from a selection of ten hilarious new titles:  Twisted Cows , ... (full story)